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The equipment certified in accordance with NR-12 was the RTM Evolution, an injection machine of resin used in the RTM process. RTM or Resin Transfer Molding is used to mold components with complex shapes and large surface area, which are widely used in shipbuilding, aviation, and automotive industries.

In accordance with NR-12 standards, any danger zones and moving parts of the machinery or equipment must be enclosed. It also requires the installation of protections or fairings that prevent the operator’ s access to moving parts to achieve the maximum level of occupational safety.

The line of Brazilian standards NR-12 is closely linked with the European Machinery Directive, but there is a major difference – the provisions of this standard apply not only to the new company’ s products but also to installed and operated machinery. This means the used equipment can be resold only if it corresponds to the NR-12 standard.

Founded in 1978, Fibermaq is a Brazilian leading Manufacturer of equipment for molding composites to be distributed in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

Russian JSC Basalt Projects is cooperating with Brazil in the field of continuous basalt fiber production and the manufacture of continuous basalt fiber reinforced composites.

The world is gaining momentum to develop equipment and technologies, which make it possible to produce fiber-reinforced composites on an industrial scale, this aspect will facilitate corporate consumers’ shift from conventional materials using streamlined processes to up-to-date ones offering a number of competitive advantages.

For example, a UK company Creative Composites has developed a powerful compression unit for direct compression molding of polymer composites. The press generates 1, 500T of molding pressure and is capable of processing tools up to 3 metres by 2 metres in size.

At present, the global composites market is estimated at approximately $ 22 billion and continues rapid growth.

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